The ability to pay tuition can often serve as a barrier for students to earn their degree. To help make education and degree attainment more accessible and affordable, Bates Technical College now offers a tuition payment plan.

With this new plan, you’ll be able to stretch tuition payments and avoid paying the entire amount at once. The easy enrollment process is outlined on the college’s webpage, The cost to participate in the payment plan is a $25 per quarter non-refundable enrollment fee.

Through the third-party vendor Nelnet Business Solutions, the college hopes to boost student success and make it easier for them to complete their program or classes.

“Bates is committed to breaking down the financial barriers of obtaining a higher education,” said Director of Finance Irina Kukharenko.

“Implementing this convenient and manageable payment plan solution for students to spread their tuition and fees payments over time allows for manageable monthly payments. Also, unlike traditional loans, there is no interest, payment options are flexible, and enrollment fees are affordable,” she added.

For example, if you plan to enroll for classes in the fall quarter, and you register between July 25 and Aug. 14, you will have three payments spread out Aug. 20 through Oct. 20. If you register after Aug. 15, you’ll pay a 30 percent down payment, and have two payments spread out Sept. 20 and Oct. 20. The Tuition Payment Plan can also be used for summer quarter. To enroll in the Bates Tuition Payment Plan, follow these easy directions to create your account.

You can find more information about the Tuition Payment Plan at The college’s Foundation also offers a wide selection of scholarship opportunities open to registered students. You can learn more about scholarships at