We’re less than a month away from another election here in Western Washington, and this year’s ballot has many crucial initiatives that could have lasting effects on not only politics, but on education as well.

On this edition of Northwest Now, we take a closer look at the Puyallup School District bond, see what’s at stake for thousands of students in that school district and why it could have an impact on the community itself.

“We want Puyallup to be the kind of community that people want to live in and we know that that’s true,” said Steward Elementary School Principal Abigail Chandler. “People move to Puyallup because of our excellent schools, so in order to continue having excellent schools, we need to be able to house all of the kids that are moving into our neighborhoods.”

Plus, we’ll also talk about Initiative 1366, which is Tim Eyman’s so called “Taxpayer Protection Act.”

Legislative Representatives Reuven Carlisle and Ed Orcutt will sit down with us to weigh in on this measure, which would not only decrease state sales tax, but could also change the state constitution regarding the way the legislature will be able to create and increases taxes.

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