So far in 2015, Western Washington has turned into one of the hottest real estate markets in the country for those looking to sell their homes.

On the next Northwest Now, we take a closer look at local real estate.  We’ll talk to experts about why sellers enjoy an easier time in the market than those who wish to buy. We’ll hear from both the Tacoma and King County’s Association of Realtors, and receive analysis from Zillow’s top researcher about why she thinks this recent boom shouldn’t be called a bubble.

“We’re not seeing a bubble because you don’t have subprime lending going on right now, you have to do a fair amount of demand and not a whole lot of inventory, which is driving these very strong price spikes,” said Svenja Gudel, Director of Research for Zillow.

“And I think the key to all of this is in terms of affordability.  We’re still better now than we are historically, right now you’re spending roughly 22 percent of your monthly income on a mortgage if you’re buying a house, whereas historically, people pay 26 percent of their income on a mortgage,”  Gudel said.

Plus, we’ll also head to Thurston county to talk to an expert on how this recent boom is affecting South Sound home sales.

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