Dr. Lin Zhou was first hired at Bates as a dean in 2013. Now serving as Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Student Success, she was selected to participate in Harvard University’s Institute for Educational Management.

Dr. Lin Zhou, vice president of institutional effectiveness and student success, spent two weeks in July at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. to participate in the Harvard Institute for Educational Management.

“Harvard University’s Institute for Educational Management program offered an unbelievable opportunity for me to become a better leader, both professionally and personally,” said Zhou. “I enjoyed learning new problem-solving strategies and ways to improve decision-making and communication. The investment that Bates and I made will pay off greatly in the future.”

The program is open to senior-level administrators with more than 10 years of experience and authority to shape institution-wide policy, and presidents, provosts, vice presidents, and other cabinet-level administrators who participate in strategic decision-making that shapes the future of the institution.

I enjoyed learning new problem-solving strategies and ways to improve decision-making and communication.

President Dr. Ron Langrell said, “Dr. Zhou has exhibited a high-level of expertise that has advanced the college in several key areas in both instruction and student success. We are proud that she was selected to attend this prestigious program, and will be better as an institution for her enriched leadership skills.”

Since her hire as the dean of continuing education, apprenticeship and child studies in 2013, Dr. Zhou has served as dean of instruction and executive dean before becoming a vice president. She earned her Ph.D. in education with an emphasis in community college leadership from Oregon State University, and received her Master’s in Business Administration from City University in Seattle.

The immersive program helps participants articulate a compelling institutional vision that fosters meaningful and enduring change, according to the program’s website. More than 85 leaders from higher education institutions across the globe participated in this program, where session topics included mapping and managing external relationships, technology-based models for learning, data in higher education, and more.

To learn more about the Harvard program, administered by the Graduate School of Education, go to www.gse.harvard.edu. To learn more about Bates Technical College, go to www.bates.ctc.edu.