Web Development instructor Ingrid Smith started her career in the world of web as an apprentice. Originally from Germany, she has taught college-level technology courses for nearly 20 years. Ingrid holds industry certifications in computer networking and hardware, is a certified Adobe instructor, and has taken Certified Internet Webmaster courses. She has taught the Web Development program at the college since 2003, and believes that we all have something to contribute. Her teaching philosophy is based on respecting differences, and sharing her love for learning with students.

  1. What inspires you each day?

I believe that we all have something to contribute, and I learn much from my students each day. It is essentially my students that inspire me.

  1. What is your mission as an instructor?

To develop an inquiring mind, and provide knowledge, skills, and a solid foundation in web technology.

  1. What’s the best part of your job?

Of course, as with so many educators, the best part is the “aha moment,” when a student understands a concept. What we learn cannot be taken away.

  1. How do you encourage prospective students to enroll in your program?

This is an ever-changing industry and a great field for continuing job advancement. Within a few years, a person can earn a nice salary supporting themselves and their family. At Bates, we create a collaborative learning environment that quickly adjusts to this changing industry.

  1. What is your dream job?

Exactly what I am doing right now!