Did you catch this article in the Puyallup Herald on May 5? Sumner High School student Colt Evans, 18, took home a gold medal in the auto maintenance portion of the SkillsUSA state competition, held at Bates on April 3-4.

Skills USA 1st place 2015
Sumner High School and Bates CTE auto program student Colt Evans, left, won first place in the SkillsUSA state competition. Instructor John McDonald stands with him on the right.

Evans is part of a career and technical education program that Bates administers at Sumner High School. Instructor John McDonald said the day-long competition among 27 other auto maintenance students began with a rigorous one-hour Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) written test. Next, the students from high schools and skills centers across the state were tested on their job interview skills. Finally, the competitors spent five hours in the shop for the hands-on portion of the event.

“This is where competitors must diagnose and repair about seven vehicles in just 15 minutes per car. Everyone finished within the five-hour mark. We learned the following day that Colt took first place,” said McDonald. “He received a gold medal and a SkillsUSA flag for the school’s trophy case, and a $10,000 scholarship to attend University Technical Institute.”

Evans plans to enroll in Bates’ Technical High School program during his senior year, according to the article.

“Bates, Sumner High School, and I are so proud of Colt and his achievements during the SkillsUSA state competition. We have the best high school auto-shop student in the state now at Sumner High School,” boasted McDonald.

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