1.Where do you find inspiration each day?
Those who know me know that I’m a Christian. I spend early morning time each day in the bible, meditating, praying, and seeking His will for the day and my life. The beauty of my job is having a positive effect in people’s lives and equipping them with skills that empower them to succeed.

2.What is the best part of being a Bates Technical College faculty member?
It’s all generational. Some of what I teach is what I’ve learned from my mentors and teachers. When I go back into the industry on summer break, it is gratifying and humbling for me to work for and with my former students in the industry.

3.If you could have dinner with one person, living or dead, who would that be and why?
Dinner? I’m not much of a sit-down-to-dinner kind of guy. I’d rather find myself working on a project. In that case, I’d be with Noah I think…working by faith. The ark no doubt would have sheet metal items all over it.