Lee Williams has been a Bates Technical College faculty member for 7 years.

What inspires you each day?  

I am inspired each day by the thought that I can help a soldier, veteran, spouse or dependent, think through their learning needs and educational options and make a quality decision about how to pursue their future.

What is your mission at Bates?

My mission at Bates is to help our veteran students succeed.  My role as Military Veterans Advisor is to assist our veteran students in identifying, finding and connecting with the veteran services and community resources available to help them with school and life situations and issues enabling them to remain focused and successfully complete their programs.  Also, I help soldiers who are transitioning from military to civilian life think through the options and benefits of pursuing an education and what we can offer at Bates Technical College.

Why are you passionate about the military?

As a military veteran myself, I am very passionate about helping those who serve in our armed forces.  I understand the sacrifice that many of our soldiers made to secure my freedom as an American.  So, every day I look forward to showing my appreciation of their sacrifice in a tangible way – helping all that I can to transition back into a life and lifestyle that is worthy of the heroes that they are.

Be sure to stop by and say hello to Lee Williams. His office is located in the Downtown Campus advising area.