CNC Machinist instructor Barry Young came to Bates Technical College in 2008 following 25 years in the aerospace industry working as a journeyman machinist, planner and toolmaker. Barry also taught apprenticeship classes for the National Tooling and Machining Association. First teaching in the Machinist program, Barry developed the CNC Machinist program in response to industry demand.

In his Tacoma home, Barry maintains a complete machine shop, foundry, and professional photo lab. He pursued a career in the machinist industry because he wanted to learn how to craft ultra large format and panoramic technical cameras that he had designed since his days in high school. Barry remains passionate about the technical cameras, and still builds these wooden cameras at home.

  1. What inspires you each day? I am fortunate enough to have learned a valuable trade that can be passed on to students, which enables them to provide for their families.
  1. What is your mission at Bates? My mission is to inspire student learning by making lectures fun and interesting; challenge greater achievement by making the course material meaningful, and educate students for employment by making them as competent in CNC Machining as possible.
  1. What would you say to encourage people to enroll in your program?  Because our program provides what students need to get good-paying and long-lasting jobs.
  1. What is the best part of being a Bates Technical College faculty member? Hands down, interaction with the students—it is why I am here.
  1. If you had the opportunity to meet and have dinner with one person, living or dead, who would that be, and why? I would like to have dinner with Henry Maudslay because I feel that he has had the largest influence on civilization as a whole via his contributions to industrial practice than any other person living or dead.