As a young boy, tinkering with things sparked Mick McGuire’s love for engines. The Diesel and Heavy Equipment Mechanic instructor’s father worked at a local newspaper and would often bring items home for Mick to tinker with. Around the age of 12, Mick rebuilt a boat and attempted to create an outboard motor, but the cord was too short. Eventually, he turned his attention to building an all-terrain vehicle and learning about Briggs and Stratton engines.

By age 15, Mick began working at Bert’s Automotive on 128th Street in Summit View, where he would walk to work and clean parts. He spent two summers in Westport to work on charter boat engines. By the time Mick turned age 16, he owned two 52 Chevrolet pick-up trucks, including one he built and drove until he enlisted in the Navy. After his service in the Navy, where he was as an engineman focused on diesel engines, he worked for several companies, including Toyota, Milwaukee Railroad, Hydraulics Northwest, Tacoma Transit (now Pierce Transit), Hyster, and Tacoma Public Utilities.

  1. What inspires you each day?

The opportunity to make a difference inspires me each day. I like to help folks succeed. Seeing the sky light up each morning and hearing the birds chirping in the trees brings me joy and inspiration. Sounds nuts, right?

  1. What is your mission?

My mission at Bates is to be an advocate for student success. Helping the students have a voice in their academic and professional development is extremely important to me. I want the students, programs and college to be successful. Without the students, there would be no Bates.

  1. What’s the best part of your job?

Seeing the students who apply themselves have that “a-ha!” moment, and working with my peers who are involved in the student-learning process.

  1. What would you say to a prospective student?

The program instructors work extremely hard to ensure the students who enroll in the program receive the most relevant industry information and education. Students will also benefit from the numerous industry contacts and relationships we have developed throughout the years.

  1. What’s your dream job?

To work on a fishing boat; catching big salmon on calm waters.

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  1. Mick,

    I’m going to read “working with my peers who are involved in the student-learning process” is “the best part of your job”
    as “Working with the Beth in the Library is the best.” :oD Keep up the good works.

  2. Mick,

    I can truly attest to the devotion and effort you put into teaching Electrical Systems, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Hydraulics and Basic Vehicle servicing. Your classes are definitely the model and approach needed for all students to learn and build a sound foundation of the trade fundamentals so they can become a competent technician. You are definitely committed and go out of your way to make everyone of your students successful. With your all experience and knowledge in the trade I am sincerely grateful and blessed to have had a devoted professional instructor like you help me along my path to graduation from the “Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology Program”.