Guest Author: Brian Smith, civil engineering instructor

Mesa Day

The board members of the Washington state MESA (Math, Engineering, Science, and Achievement) recently presented a certificate of participation to Bates Technical College for attending and presenting at the MESA annual competition held at Pacific Lutheran University on March 29.



In attendance were hundreds of young MESA technologists participating in activities and competitions.  A main show-stopping event included a “truss bridge” competition.  Student models of truss bridges created by students were loaded with increasing weights until they failed, to the roar of the crowd!  The winner was the bridge that supported the greatest weight.

Bates staff and students provided demonstrations, presentations, and information regarding Bates’ programs of study and associated coursework.  A Bates-sponsored display was an “earthquake table” shaking up a high rise building, a model of a petroleum refinery plant, a mechanical model of a 3-phase electrical power system, and some “gear trains.”  Robotics students grabbed the audience’s attention with their sophisticated mechanical  creations.

IMG_4409Attending from Bates were Joe Raniero, aerospace navigator; Brian Smith, civil engineering technology instructor; Josh Baker, former dean of instruction; and several of Landon Johnson’s talented robotics students.  Thanks to Blake Ingram for helping facilitate the event.