It’s campaign season for Bates’ Associated Student Government!

ASG reports that the campaign period has opened for key leadership positions: President and Campus Vice Presidents. The period closes Thursday, July 2. Students will receive a special eNews edition on July 6 that will contain a link to vote online. Note: In order to vote, you must know your Student ID (SID).

Get to know your candidates. The following individuals are confirmed presidential candidates:


ASG President

Name:  Leon Griffin
Program:  Barber
Primary Campus:  Downtown Campus
Campaign Comments:  I feel like I would be a good candidate for President because, I am comfortable in diverse groups of people; I’m a people person; hands on, and I want to see some good done for ASG and the students of Bates Technical College. An essential quality of an ASG President is, the ability to listen and relate.  I possess those qualities plus, great decision making. Thank you

Name:  William Small
Program:  IT
Primary Campus:  Downtown Campus
Campaign Comments:  Hello, my name is William Small and I am campaigning for ASG President.  I am a student in the information Technology program. I am from Detroit, Michigan, so I know struggles in life-inside and out. I have a successful background in leadership. I know there are a lot of issues that students and non-students are concerned with. I am here to listen to your concerns and try to get them resolved as quickly and properly as I can. Your concerns will be my concerns, and together we can resolve a lot of key issues students are facing…No matter what they are. Some I see as critical are:

  • Prices in vending machines
  • Problems with academic classes like resolving the conflict in scheduling between Career Training and General Education classes
  • Diversity issues

These are just some of the problems that come to mind. Feel free to raise your own, whether they are personal or an issue for the group as a whole. We need everyone to have a voice and participate in this election…”A person who falls for anything won’t stand for anything!”  Thank you


Vice President, Central/Mohler Campus

Name:  Devin Welch
Program: BVP (Broadcasting/Video Production)
Primary Campus:   Central
Campaign Comments:  Hello fellow Bates students, my name is Devin Welch and I am a fourth quarter student in the Broadcasting Audio/Video Production course at the Bates Central Campus. I love my classes and the time I spend here at Bates but I felt like I needed to get more involved. Running for Vice president gives me the opportunity to interact with more of my fellow students and be a heard voice for their frustrations, needs, or compliments. My hope is to help make your stay here at Bates warm, welcoming, and unforgettable. Thank you for your time and I will hopefully see you around the campus.


Vice President, Downtown Campus

Name:  Alyssa Quintanilla
Program: Marketing & Business Management
Primary Campus:   Downtown
Campaign Comments: Hey Guys! I’m running for Vice President because being apart of ASG has really made a difference in the person I’ve become. Since day one I’ve been dedicated to all my obligations & this would give me and the students an even greater opportunity to make a difference at Bates and in the community. I want to hear from all of you, be involved in anyway I can! Need help? I’m your Gal! Not only do I want to encourage you to make a difference, I want to inspire you to inspire others! Lets make these years a bates ones to look back on where you can say “I Helped INSPRIE THAT DIFFERENCE”


EXTRA, EXTRA! ASG Elections!! ASG electronic elections are July 6-8, 2015 from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. NOTE: South Campus voters will have access to the tech lab, E205, on July 6, 2015 only. All other voters can access the link in either the Student eNews or via their Bates email. Let your voice be heard.

NOTE: Applications for the other ASG officer positions are still accepted and actively encouraged! Once the 2015-16 presidents have been elected, they will begin interviewing and appointing the rest of their executive team between July 16-25.  Applications already on hand will have first consideration.

Contact Juliette or LeMont for more information.